General Services

Strategic Business Planning and Evaluation

Successful companies bring into line their resources and strategies to meet new business opportunities. Whether it is strategic alignment for changing markets or entry into new markets, AJP works with a broad range of industry related companies to build complete product plans and qualify the necessary manufacturing, distribution and integration sources. Through analyses and experience, AJP helps to ensure that a client’s corporate business decisions are based on quantifiable fact, sound financial models, and tested assumptions. AJP will provide fact-based insights into product design, production, placement, sourcing, and pricing strategies. AJP also works with clients to perform due diligence for the purpose of investment, acquisition, or joint venture. Working together, we create practical implementation plans to identify and develop strategic alliances and mergers designed to support corporate goals. AJP works with a large network of strategic business partners that we can bring on to solve almost any problem. AJP will offer observations on inconsistencies in current business strategy and assumptions, identify the factors that will increase opportunities and magnify challenges, and play an active role implementing a viable action plan.