General Services

Contruction Coordination

Once the procurement process has reached its conclusion and the chosen suppliers and integrators have been formally contracted, AJP’s role shifts to the management and oversight of the construction process itself. AJP works with the chosen contractors to mobilize operations and produce a complete submittal package, including all necessary engineering, scheduling and financial milestones. AJP maintains constant oversight of the project status, coordinating sub-contractors, facility management and third-party suppliers, managing regular progress meetings, providing actual and ongoing cost reporting and maintaining construction documentation. Our mandate is to be informed and knowledgeable about the intricacies and challenges of each project and to keep the ownership informed of pending issues before they have a critical cost impact. Our primary goal is to look ahead into the process and identify potential problems before they effect the installation from a financial or scheduling perspective. In playing a key management role throughout the construction phase, AJP also ensures that vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors meet their obligations to provide the specified equipment and that it is installed, integrated and fully operational per specifications outlined in the RFP documents.