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Anthony James Partners is changing the marketplace and our reputation continues to grow as the market leader in audio-video consulting and representation services. AJP provides direction, counsel and active management for the design, procurement and construction of large-scale technology based projects. Anthony James Partners provides strategic design, procurement A/V consulting and  construction management services across a variety of industries, including stadiums, arenas, touring and staged events, commercial construction and retail branding. Our clients include high-profile professional sports franchises, architects, large-scale public facilities, commercial development and construction companies, and local governments.

AJP approaches each customer and every project with the same sense of individuality and commitment to success. We are business professionals who manage each challenge by applying logic, fact, experience and creativity.
Our goals are simple:

  • To provide relevant design insights that will enhance the fan experience and maximize potential revenue.
  • To educate, advise and protect our client as to all product, integration and vendor selections.
  • To negotiate contracts that produce tangible financial savings and maintain strict control of all budgets and schedules.
  • To ensure long-term compliance and product support to maximize life-cycle costs
  • To represent the best interests of our clients through all phases of procurement and construction.

In addition to project-based contracts, AJP also provides strategic business-planning services, including rights valuations, outsourcing analyses, financial modeling, product/line development, acquisition evaluations and market-trend reporting.

There are distinct areas where AJP can help:

  • The first is to review your current design ideas and identify the best technology for each application; provide in-depth financial analyses, and then qualify the best supplier(s) and contractor(s) to furnish, install and integrate each product category. If designs have not already been developed, AJP can build a detailed rendering package.
  • Once the building infrastructure is qualified (structural limitations, power requirements, data paths …etc.), AJP will structure a procurement package that is designed to promote the most competitive bid process possible.
  • Throughout the design and procurement process, our mandate is to inform, advise and protect our clients as it relates to the long-term implications of your vendor options and related product choices (i.e. hidden costs, maintenance requirements, service agreements, operations, legal exposure…etc.).
  • Once the vendor choices have been narrowed, AJP would help to actively negotiate the agreements in question on behalf of the organization.
  • The last area is in the construction process itself, where AJP will track, inspect and manage the progress during key phases of installation and integration to ensure product quality, eliminate unnecessary change-order opportunities and maintain the schedule.

In the end, AJP can guaranty that any fees paid to our firm will be recovered several times over through our ability to procure the products at the best available pricing; negotiate the most favorable terms and contractual agreements and to manage ensure the installation process moves efficiently and without costly change-orders.